Power Rangers, Sharks, Butterflies

Ahhh, Oxford, Ohio! Home of Miami University of Ohio! Home of throngs of bros who wear sports jerseys every Saturday because…? Home of Green Beer Day – not to be confused with St. Patrick’s Day –  the Thursday before Spring Break in which the bars open at 5AM and students drink green beer all day.


It could be renamed Green Vomit-on-the-Street Day.


But my favorite part about Oxford is how easy it is to meet people.


You want a friend? You can drive down to the Kroger for the Friday night wine tasting and befriend everyone in town. I’m not joking about this.


I met my best friend in Oxford at the farmer’s market (KHW in the house!).


It’s the kind of place where if you are walking your dog at a park and you end up in stride with someone else walking their dog, you start walking together. This has happened to me many times, the last time being yesterday.


I’m afraid if we move back to Seattle I’ll greatly miss this kind of instant camaraderie.

DSC_0103Back when I was on maternity leave, I asked an online Oxford, Ohio, parent group if anyone needed a cake made. I thought, hey, I want to make cakes for this blog, but I don’t want to throw them away or eat them myself, so maybe I should find people to give them away to.


And, in Oxford, Ohio, fashion, a bunch of people responded. In fact, I ended up getting more requests than I could handle. BUT I did make three children’s birthday cakes. (And of course, one Star Wars cake).


I’m not sure what I was thinking, but I was hoping that I would get requests like: “Kate, can you make a cake with Jeff Goldblum riding Falcore?” or “We’d really love a cake with Alf on it” or “I’m throwing a Strangers with Candy party. Could you make a Jerry Blank cake?”


But that’s not what happened. I guess kids these days are into Power Rangers, butterflies, and sharks!


I definitely enjoyed making the children’s birthday cakes, but I’m glad that I don’t have any more that I’ve committed to. More time for the cakes I want to make!


Speaking of which – next Thursday is Green Beer Day! And you know what?! I’m going to make a cake for it! Stay tuned…

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