Prince and Judith Butler Cakes

In honor of Prince, I made a raspberry (beret) buttercream white chocolate cake. And, man oh man, was it ever good. The cake was chock full of white chocolate bits.


And it was layered with the yummiest raspberry buttercream and extra raspberries. (Check out this action shot!)


I drew a rough draft of Prince’s portrait (circa the Purple Rain album). It was a technique I was trying out.


Purple rain, purple rain…


I didn’t get his face quite right, but I LOVE how the purple rain drops turned out.


I made a raspberry coulis to pour over the cake. SO. GOOD.


In honor of Prince, we’ve been singing his songs to Ansel. Who, by the way, is now a full-fledged, chunky, thunder-thighs, edible-looking BAY-BEEEEEE! No longer a wee infant, no!


He even started eating solids!!! Not cake yet, but here he is eating rice cereal! Mmmmm…..


You can tell he really likes it. And here he is in his “Merry Muscles” bouncer. Ha.


Our lovely neighbors had a small get-together to celebrate their son’s 20th birthday. I begged them to let me make his cake. They gave me so many hilarious and out-there ideas for a cake for him (including a batik replica of a picture of an dragon-dog type creature with an enormous tongue that he had drawn as a child). But the idea that stuck with me the most was, “Could you do a cake inspired from Judith Butler explained with cats?” Link here.


The fact that a 20-year-old male, in Oxford, Ohio of all places, would want a cake with Judith Butler was just too good to be true. He wants a Judith Butler explained with cats cake? He will get a Judith Butler explained with cats cake!


Have you noticed that a young Judith Butler looks a little bit like Michael J. Fox?


Hope you had a wonderful Memorial Day weekend, everyone!



7 thoughts on “Prince and Judith Butler Cakes

    1. Oh my! I’m so thrilled that you got to see your (most excellent) JB with cats in cake form! I actually thought about how funny it would be if the person who made the JB with cats post ever found out there was a whole cake inspired by it and here you are! Love your blog, by the way.

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  1. Let’s do it! Some ideas:

    Intersectionality cake feat. Kimberle Crenshaw, A marbled cake would work great for this to show how discrimination is something multiplied across identity rather than simply layered. Helpful resource:

    Foucault discourse of sexuality cake feat. literally any definition of sexuality. OR Foucault grid of power cake to show how power is dispersed rather than hierarchical. Helpful resource:

    Queer theory cake feat. J. Jack Halberstam and my favourite ever quote from their book ‘Gaga Feminism’: “The significance of SpongeBob SquarePants to contemporary gender norms, I believe, cannot be overstated…And so we take SpongeBob SquarePants as our guide, following the hedonistic and cheerful sponge whose body, as he reminds one chap who sits on him, is also his face, in looking for fun, in mistrusting people who only want to make money, and in tracking down treats made with peanut butter” (Halberstam 2012, xviii).
    My review of the book:

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