Welcome to Thesis Cakes!

Today, as ever, I love frosting. And cakes. And decorating cakes with frosting. I can’t get enough of it.


And I’m basically the Walter White of making cakes and frosting. Or, maybe the Jesse. Ha, yes, I’m totally the Jesse. I have definitely had several major cake disasters. In any case, being a complete and total sugar addict, it feels like I have a super power when it comes to baking. But it’s also like I am super good at making my own kryptonite. Is there a super hero that fits this description? Edward from Twilight?


I was talking to one of my friends about how I miss making art. I’m 36 and I have a new baby and a full time job and I just don’t do it much anymore. Not like I was ever a prolific art-maker, but art-making has definitely been a mainstay in the hobby section of my lifestyle resume. “What’s your favorite medium?” she asked. In that moment, I realized it was frosting.


I’ve been decorating cookies and cakes with my own homemade frosting since I was tall enough to reach the microwave to melt butter. But I really got into frosting cakes for fun when I was living in Ann Arbor, Michigan. My main squeeze, Aaron, was getting his PhD and I started making cakes for historians when they defended their dissertations. I called them “thesis cakes.”

Created for Tamar Carroll, for her dissertation turned book.
This is meant to look like a mobile HIV testing van from Russia for a friend who received a PhD in health behavior from the University of North Carolina. The blue designs around the edges are meant to look like blue paper shoes that the health staff wore.

And then I’ve been making and decorating cakes since then. The point of this blog is to chronicle my cakes and to (hopefully) keep me motivated to keep making and decorating cakes and to show them to the one or two people who will visit this blog (mom? Aaron?). 🙂

5 thoughts on “Welcome to Thesis Cakes!

  1. Kate – this blog is an excellent idea! I have fantastic photos (and memories) of our wedding cakes that you, lovingly, made and my 30th birthday cake that you baked featuring none other than Brett Michaels. You are awesome!


    1. Mary!!! Yes, ha! The Brett Michaels cake! So good. Yes, please send me pictures. I actually can’t find any pictures of the wedding cakes I made for you two, so that’d be wonderful to have (and post about).


  2. That’s really awesome, Great job! Let me know if your ever interested in making it a career!! I’m a professional Pastry Chef myself and we are always looking for talented artists/cake decorators! 🙂


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