Portfolio of cakes

This post includes several cakes of years past that I’ve made for friends and colleagues. Unfortunately, it didn’t occur to me to start taking pictures of my cakes for awhile, so a lot of some of my favorite cakes (e.g., the Gandolf-IUD cake of 2009) are missing. The “featured image” cake above is from “The Room.” Tommy Wiseau is BAE!

When I worked as a clinic manager at the Ann Arbor Planned Parenthood, I started making birthday cakes for the employees that I supervised. I made tons of them, but the Wolverine cake is the only one that I could find. ShaLonda loved Wolverine, Wolverine loved ShaLonda.


Real quick – I want to take a moment to talk about my “style.” Most cake decorators these days use fondant to decorate their cakes. You know the fondant style? It makes everything look smooth – almost plastic. I don’t have anything exactly *against* fondant, but I don’t like to eat it. And I have actually never used it to decorate cakes (yet). So all of my cakes are drawn with frosting, free hand. It’s just the way I’ve always done it!

Below is a cake with a bike lane map of Durham, NC for my urban planner friend, Mathew.


Robotech cake with inside family joke about my father-in-law’s missing green “sheep coat.” I used jelly bellies and coated sunflower seeds to mosaic the cake. It was for Aaron’s brother, Andy.


For my dear friend Stephanie (Grillo) on her birthday.


Lindsay Lohan cake – made around the time she was arrested for drunk driving.


Remember Rebecca Black and the “Friday” song?! Friday cake for two friends, Dave and Agatha. Her teeth look weird. I know.


Below is a cake I made for some roommates when we moved out of our house in Carrboro, NC. It was around the time that someone had predicted an apocalypse. Important – I’m totally wearing a muumuu in that picture.

I made my own birthday cake one year… Richard Simmons would probably NOT have approved of the fact that the inside was FILLED with caramel and peanuts. AKA my Snickers cake. AKA the cake that fell on the floor during my birthday party because it was a PAR-TAAAAAAAY.


Paper hat game theater production cake.

DSC08315Goat cake for my sweetie.

DSC00070I had a roommate, Liz, who ate chicken fingers for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. With BBQ sauce. For her birthday, I made a “chicken fingers” cake and used cornflakes to create “chicken fingers” and made extra frosting to look like BBQ sauce. I think it worked!


Rolling rock beer bottle cake for Sara…

For my friend Trekkie friend…DSC05656Manatee baby shower cake…DSC09015Lady Gaga Kermit the frog dress cake (decorated over a pre-decorated store bought cake).DSC05597And I have others, but I’m tired and the baby is crying, so that’ll do. That’ll do pig, that’ll do.

11 thoughts on “Portfolio of cakes

  1. I am in absolute awe! I had no idea Kate. Your art makes me drool and laugh–just like I do around you! Well done. Keep it up. Hire me as a publicist when you make it to Hollywood.


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