Star Wars cakes 1 and 2

Aaron and I have a new baby. A beautiful, perfect, seriously adorable little tiny baby. I love him tremendously. He is precious to me. Like Golum with his ring. My preshhhhh-ussssssss….



And sometimes our perfect angel drives me mad. And I think about this Billy Collins poem.


The first and only time that Aaron and I have gone on a “date” away from our baby was to see the new Star Wars movie.

Now I love Star Wars a bunch. I worked at a summer camp where “Star Wars” was the theme one summer. I had a Princess Leia costume that was moldy by the end of summer because once I got thrown in the lake wearing it and instead of washing (and drying) it like an adult, I stuffed it under my bunk bed while it was sopping wet, like a 15-year-old.

DSC_0081And when Star Wars was re-released on the big screen in 1997, my friend and I “camped out” to make sure we could get tickets at the Gig Harbor Cinema (RIP). We were the first in line early in the morning and no one came to join the line until, like, 30 minutes before the show. But we got REALLY good seats.

DSC_0074Aaron’s brother, Andy, is engaged to this incredible woman, Catherine. And she loves Star Wars more than anyone I have ever met. We once spent a 13-hour day hike talking about would-you-rather scenarios related to Star Wars (e.g., would you rather be the bartender at the Mos Eisley Cantina or have Chewbacca carry you around for your main mode of transportation?).

DSC_0080So I’ve made her two Star Wars themed cakes for her birthday. The first, which I made for her last year, is a carrot cake with cream cheese frosting, has an AT-AT on it. Like the pun? Or does the pun make you mad because you only pronounce the initials “AT-AT”? Or do you hate acronyms (as I do) and wish I had written “All Terrain Armored Transport”?

DSC_0102This year I made her a Chewbacca cake, was salted caramel chocolate cake with chocolate ganache.

DSC_0099Wahhhhhhh – waaaaaaaaa- uhhhhhh

DSC_0093Did you know that you can listen to ONE HOUR of wookie noises? Isn’t it a great time to be alive?! Happy Friday!

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