David Bowie Cake #2

Just being honest here, I did not like The Labyrinth the first time I saw it when I was in high school.


I mean, I had certain expectations for a movie that had Jim Henson’s name on it. I was expecting Fozzie and Kermit, you know? Not creepy troll-y puppets and David Bowie in tight pants.


When I was in high school I had the WORST taste. Like, I painted my room florescent yellow and painted giant Disney characters on my closet doors. I LOVED Mary Engelbreit stuff too; I had curtains made from a Mary Engelbreit print of teapots and tea cups. Don’t know what I’m talking about? See here.


So, yeah, when I saw The Labyrinth in high school, my palate was not, ehem, yet refined.


How did it take me so long to love the Magic Dance?! PLEASE do yourself a favor and re-watch that scene (link here). Jareth the Goblin King forever!!!




There is something so fulfilling about seeing David Bowie performing with a whole slew of puppets (and a stolen baby of course).


Speaking of babies, I’ve been back at work for a full week now. Since I telecommute from home, it has been really nice to get back into my job and also have Ansel Thor home while I work (albeit in the trusty hands of a wonderful nanny or Aaron). I can still breastfeed him throughout the day, or just say hi between meetings.


Ansel is clearly a little goblin already. Jareth must’ve stolen him when we weren’t looking…


By the way, remember this winning David Bowie dream sequence scene from the Flight of the Conchords?! Jermaine as Jareth the Goblin King is pretty right on. And then there was the David Bowie song… sooo good….

2 thoughts on “David Bowie Cake #2

  1. This CAKE is right on!! The Lanyrinth is my all-time nostalgic favorite movie, even though the goblin puppets scared me the first time I ever saw it. I think I can recite the entire movie line by line… Anyway, I LOVE this cake. How’d it taste?
    Thanks for paying tribute to David Bowie and the Goblin King. 🙂


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