Star Wars Cake #3

Before I had a baby, I thought that I’d never end up being one of “those moms” who wants to talk about her baby all of the time. I’d be different. More evolved.


Like a classy mom. Like I imagined that after I had a baby, I’d breastfeed while reading the Arts section of the Sunday Times. I’d go to dinner parties. I’d have something interesting to say.


People would think, “Wow, that Kate Krieger! Such a class act! Her with her New York Times and her saying interesting things and being the most delightful dinner party guest! And that’s so cool that she just had a baby, but doesn’t need to go around talking about his diaper rash all the time!”


I know I sound dumb and cliche and obnoxious about this, but I really didn’t know how a new baby runs your life. And they can be RUTHLESS overlords. And you take some insane measures to keep them happy (read: asleep). I mean, in the middle of writing this post, I heard Ansel cry (he went down for the night a couple of hours ago). So I did my usual thing.


I crept upstairs, which is pitch black, put on a camping headlamp (and turned it to the red light setting), moved the towel which was placed at the bottom of the door to his room to ensure that no light would get in, quietly tiptoed into his room, changed and breastfeed him in the red light of my headlamp, turned up his white noise machine a bit, rocked him for what seemed like forever, put him down in his crib when I thought he was asleep, picked him up again when he indicated that, no, in fact he was not asleep, breastfed and rocked him some more (this time with the headlamp off, in the pitch black), put him back down when I thought he was asleep, walked slowly out of his room as if I could set off a land mine with any step, put the towel back over the door crack, and slithered back downstairs. I think this took about thirty minutes (but felt much longer).


So, yeah, this baby has just taken over. Completely. If I went to a dinner party, I’d want to talk to people about how crazy it is to have a baby. I still am in awe that so many people do it. And I’m even more amazed that so many people have MORE THAN ONE!

But, let’s talk about this cake!


A couple of weeks ago, I reached out to a parent group in Oxford, Ohio (where I currently live), and let them know that – hey – you ever need someone to make you a cake, I need reasons to make cake.


And, amazingly, I got more requests than I could handle. (I mean, I also did this around the time I was going back to work full time and, you know, dealing with the baby).


So I was sooooooooper pumped when someone asked for a Star Wars cake. I mean, I’ve done two other Star Wars cakes, so making a third felt like I was finishing a series.


It was for a going away party, and they told me what they wanted the cake to say, but they weren’t really specific about the images on the cake itself. So I liked the idea of putting all of my favorite characters on the cake.


Aaron wanted me to put on Admiral Akbar. But I ran out of space/will.


And I don’t know why I drew C3PO holding onto Darth Vadar’s shoulder – like he’s blind and needs to be led around.


Perhaps my favorite little drawing on this cake a Boba Fett. I’m pretty sure I nailed it here. I mean, look at his tiny frosted antenna.


I feel a little bad that Luke (and Obi Wan) are missing, but hey – did you even notice?!


I didn’t think so.


And look how sad Chewbacca is. Oh, he wishes you weren’t leaving Oxford! He’ll miss you so much!


Gah, finishing up this post and about to go to bed and dreading it a bit. Before settling down for bed, Aaron and I look at each other like, “Hey, good luck tonight.” It’s like we’re headed into war or something.

Good thing I have uplifting videos like this to distract me. Happy weekend, y’all, and may you get more rest than me!

5 thoughts on “Star Wars Cake #3

    1. Just love this cake and your post!!! I miss you guys a lot and cannot believe how seriously adorable your baby is!!! Well done. The towel under the door is an innovation that we’ve never tried actually but reminds me of dorm life in college 🙂 sadly Mathew and I still look at each other like we are going to eat before heading to bed each night.


  1. You had me laughing throughout this . You have ALWAYS been classy by your warmth, your kindness, and your humor. Love you lots, Ansel too.



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